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Strategic Plan - Updated Novermber 2021



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Athleteics NT BY-LAWS - Updated November 2022

Athletics NT have adopted the following Athletics Australia Policies

Member Protection Policy - Updated December 2023

Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy - Updated December 2023

Child Safe Practices Do's & Don'ts

Complaints, Disputes & Discipline Policy - Updated December 2023

Competition Manipulation Policy - Updated December 2023

Improper Use of Drugs & Medicines  - Updated December 2023

Anti Doping Policy - The Athletics Australia anti doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found here on the Sport Integrity Australia website. All members, participants, and non-participants in the sport of athletics are bound by these rules.

Sport Integrity Threat Overview

Athletics NT Inc with its affiliated clubs and regions is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all its members and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for participating in Athletics NT activities. The NT Governments Community Welfare Act 2005 and the Northern Territory of Australia Care and Protection of Children Act 2007 deals with this topic.

This Child Protection Policy conveys a message to all Athletics NT members and prospective members responsible for Athletics NT activities, particularly those involving members under 18 years of age, about minimising risk exposure of these members. All members, particularly age managers, coaches, officials, leaders, trainers and management personnel, have a responsibility to provide safeguards dedicated to the well being of other members. Athletics NT reserves the right to impose Police Checks on any of the above stated individual’s. 

Athletics Northern Territory and Athletics Australia encourage all involved in athletics to familiarise themselves with and work to this policy. Adoption of this policy and principles will ensure all participants enjoy their involvement in their chosen sport.

Policy Document

Athletics Northern Territory (NT) is committed to the protection of your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the National Privacy Policy contained in The Privacy Act (1988), as amended, and the respective regulations (collectively known as the “Privacy Legislation”). Unless an individual gives Athletics NT consent to act otherwise, the following Policy governs how Athletics NT handles personal information of individuals. It is a policy of Athletics NT not to interfere with an individual’s privacy rights in the way it collects, uses or disseminates personal information.

Policy Document